It’s Spring time!

It’s Spring time!

The Sun’s back, gardens are blooming and your home’s street presence is going to look it’s best.

Spring is one of the busiest times of the Real Estate calendar and LIV Realty want to let you know of a few tips on maintaining a thriving garden inside and out which help’s boost your home’s Kerb appeal.

Blast into Spring

Having a quick go on the gurney on your pavements and driveways can always bring out the fresh new concrete hidden away from the nasty grime.

Rainbow Gardens

Naturally your garden would have green and healthy grass this time of year, adding a few colourful flowers that can thrive in these conditions can always maintain that refreshing look and feel.

Maintain those Hedges

Your larger plants will start to grow rapidly, so keeping an eye on their shape can help with clearing entry ways, or even help control dead leaves around the garden.

Indoor Greenery

Now’s the time to be able to decide on a few great looking indoor plants. This can help liven up your living areas and provide a natural flow of greenery from the outside of your property to the inside. Some plants to research: Dumb Cane, Devil’s Ivy, Pin-stripe Calathea and Moth Orchid’s.

Touch up’s

General paint touch up’s and maintenance around the house can help give you peace of mind when entertaining guests or even presenting your home for inspections and open-home’s.

Sweet Aroma

Having a small indoor herb/veggie garden not only inspires greatness in the kitchen but also releases a natural aroma of fresh herbs.

We hope our tips have inspired a few weekends full of fun work around your home. Feel free to add a comment of any other useful tips you have that help boost your home’s kerb appeal this spring.

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