Technically superior

It’s a brave new world out there, and only those that embrace the modern can thrive in a modern world.

Embracing the future

Every new medium is a fresh chance to tackle problems in new and exciting ways and we are always experimenting with new technologies and how we can use them to improve your experience. We are agile and adaptive. We go against tradition and embrace change and modernity. We have the guts to shake things up.

Where other’s say ‘It won’t work’, we say ‘We’ll make it work’.

Virtual Excellence

We are currently implementing a customisable system to capture and recreate properties, both pre-existing and in development. The potential for this is almost limitless, allowing buyers to perform virtual tours of developments and existing homes from the other side of the world, and increasing the potential customer base of properties exponentially.


What people say about our services

The team at Livrealty have for many years provided me sound real estate advice. The help of their agents has my investment portfolio growing. Keep up the great work team.

by Andrew Roumanos

Aron is, without a doubt, the best real estate agent around! When no one else could find a buyer for my house, Aron said he could and he did. Knowledgeable, engaging and honest.

by Stacey Paxman

Aron and his team are very knowledgable and up to date with latest marketing strategies to get the best job done, as well as put my nerves in order. Highly recommended.

by Betty Marga

We had Christine re-lease our investment property. Professional, punctual, perfect. Five stars just isn't enough. Thank you Christine & team. Look forward to working with you in the future.

by Maria Pawelek

Our mission

Honesty is not the best policy, it’s the only policy. You can’t do good business without trust, and you can’t gain someone’s trust if you aren’t open and honest.
We value change, transparency and communication and these values help us build meaningful relationships with all of our clients. We work from experience, not just as seasoned real estate agents, but as young people who know first hand how difficult the housing market can be.