A “ruff” time finding a pet friendly home

A “ruff” time finding a pet friendly home

Wondering why your furry best friend keeps getting declined?

It’s a struggle many Australians have when looking for the right place to move into. Some factors that tend to work against pet owners are: strict landlords, formal strata committees and complaining neighbours.

Getting your pet approved can be as simple as asking yourself: What would a landlord want? Here’s a few tips to give you and your companion the best chance of getting approved:



Do your homework!

Many of us tend to neglect the keyword search when looking for a property on realestate.com.au or domain.com.au. Simply punching in the word ‘pet’, helps automatically sift through the un-available properties that might get your hopes up. Being realistic with your searches and only finding places that welcome your best bud, is one step in the right direction.

Convince the jury!

Writing a resume for your pet and detailing all of the qualities that make your pet the best candidate can help with swaying body corporate. Don’t forget, you can also include references of how well behaved and obedient your pet is from previous landlords, which help increase your chances of getting your applications approved.

Strike a paw!

Consistent grooming and health checks along with an adorable selfie of your pet can sway strata committees and landlords. Showing commitment in the care you have for your pet, and keeping the best interest of the properties’ cleanliness and condition in mind, is well sought after.

Dig deeper!

Sometimes pet friendly properties can cost you a little more, as landlords tend to bump the price up to cover any maintenance costs associated to your pet’s possible accidents. Working in the best interest of landlords and offering to pay for all costs associated to “pet-proofing” the property can help build the trust needed to allow for an easy approval of your pet.

Best pet secret

Don’t lie, hide or “mind” your pet from strata or landlords. This can end badly for your pocket and your rental profile. We don’t advise going behind your landlord’s back, instead being honest with yourself and your pet will keep your conscience at ease.



The big upside

Aussie developers are picking up on the trend of pet ownership and have kept this in mind when designing and constructing new housing developments. One of the developments that LIV Realty has listed as pet friendly is Jaan Apartments Asquith. This stunning complex boasts sustainable and ergonomic features that help provide Aussie pet owners confidence in choosing the right place to call home for the whole (pack) family.


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