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Every new medium is a fresh chance to tackle problems in new and exciting ways and we are always experimenting with new technologies and how we can use them to improve your experience. We are agile and adaptive. We go against tradition and embrace change and modernity. We have the guts to shake things up. Where other’s say ‘It won’t work’, we say ‘We’ll make it work’.

At LIV Realty, we know that clients are individuals, not numbers, and we manage and work with every client to determine the best strategies for them. We use data and strategic thinking to inform our practices, but we tailor these strategies to each customer, based on what they want.

Building a new generation of home owners.

Welcome to LIV Realty, a new breed of agent fully dedicated to managing and helping house the next generation of property owners.


We are not a faceless big business with profit as our bottom line. Our goal: to put good people into good homes.


Honesty is not the best policy. It's the only policy at LIV Realty.


It’s a brave new world out there, and only those that embrace the modern can thrive in a modern world.


We want LIV clientele to feel confident and informed. We believe in the power of information.

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